I was awoken this morning at 5:00 as someone left the house for work. At that point, I began to hear strange sounds that were likely just dogs barking or car doors closing in the half-sleep haze I was existing in. Sometime between 5:30 and 6:00, a housemate returned from accompanying someone to the airport, which brought me out of the half-sleep for long enough to say hello and that I had heard strange sounds. I got to sleep after that as my alarm woke me up from some dream that was good, but I can’t remember.

The strange part happened when I finished my morning shower (which I think I may have dozed off in the middle of) and found that my legs were extremely stiff. From what, I do not know as they weren’t stiff before the shower.

Also, it was so warm in my room last night that when I put my pants on, they felt like they had just come from the dryer.

So here I am, dog tired, wearing pants from the surface of the sun, and still amazed that my puncture wound from yesterday’s leeching procedure is present.

My legs feel fine, though.