For reasons unknown, I have the theme from Chariots of Fire stuck in my head.

This morning, I went in to have blood drawn so that my dermatologist can tell me whether the Accutane is thrashing my liver or not in my next appointment. I waited a good hour to get a prick in my arm (which was abnormally and excruciatingly painful) and then be ushered out of the office like one of a herd of cattle lined up to be tested for some strange and deadly disease.

The people are always interesting. There was a car salesman who just met this couple who knew someone interested in buying a hybrid. He just whipped his card out right there and made the sales pitch. Sales by proxy is something I’ve never seen and wouldn’t normally have faith in were I a salesman, but I guess you do whatever you can when you’re on commission.

I also met my ex-boss from my previous job, ironically in the building where I was getting my life-blood taken from me in ways that make Freddy Krueger look tame. Turns out he and his wife are expecting, but what was really striking was the way he chatted it up with the perfect strangers with him in the waiting room. I began to wish I were that outgoing or charismatic to pull that one off. But then I realized that I could be that kind of person, but really I’m not and that’s okay.

Going off of six hours of sleep and an hour wait for the mauling by needle was also a good reason to not be talkative.