I just resynced my palm with my life since enough things have changed in my regular activities since April or so.

I didn’t realize how much had changed until now.

I’m no longer editing the church newsletter, so there goes a monthly committment (after this one).

I’m no longer seeing my therapist every week.

But the one that was difficult for me to delete was a monthly dinner that I had with a good friend until recently. It was stopped because things got weird for understandable reasons. And I hope that the day comes when such a thing could resume and we can enjoy each other’s company over a meal (any meal, not dinner in particular) every once and again. But it was sad to see that go, to delete every repetition of that event that my palm automatically inserted for me from the day they started to whenever I had first set it to stop (if I had even though of that, I usually don’t on the recurring stuff).

The simple fact is, I miss this person a great deal. And I’m sad that things are so uncomfortable or weird between us, at least for them. I don’t know if it’s right to hold onto hope for a healed friendship, but I will, at least for the time being. I know that I’m not defined by this situation, but having hope seems to be a good thing in just about any case.