Been a while.

Seems I start a few entries like that. =)

I’ve officially progressed enough in my therapy that I’m not seeing the doctor once every three weeks or so. That’s flexible, in case it needs to change, and welcome since I’ve used 16 of my 25 visits allowed for this year.

Still, I feel much stronger as a person now since March when this all started. Only four months. I still see areas that need work, but I better know how to handle them. I still hurt from various things going on in my life, but I can recognize my feelings as valid and deal with them appropriately.

I’m also looking at moving out on my own. Not because of any trouble with any of my housemates, but to put some distance between myself and things that I have come to rely on in inappropriate ways. I don’t think there is anything wrong with having friends or a community, but looking to that community for most aspects or every aspect of your identity isn’t healthy. I’ve been able to distance myself while living there, but I feel like having a place of my own will give me more space to be the self that God intended for me to be.

So now to do budgets, call apartments around town, look through ads for places to live, and figure things out in that area in general. I don’t know how long it will take or what will change in my life as a result, but I think it will be both easier and challenging for me in some good ways.

More to come on that front.