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I finished the creation of the category archives at last. Only polishing or the problems that are found later are left.

Tomorrow, after the commission meeting at church, I’m spending time with the Associate Pastor probably regarding the fact that I have problems with regards to friendship. I can tell that he is concerned and I appreciate that.

My dermatology appointment for this month needs to be rescheduled, but I’m still getting blood work done tomorrow morning. Kind of inconvenient since I’d like to know this week if the doc has a problem with me going on a hiking trip while taking Accutane in August. I’d think I’d be fine by then, for the most part, but still. I’d like to know this week since I’m going to REI on Saturday to do some shopping for that trip. I’d like to know that I’m going to use what I buy.

I lead the Mark Study tonight and it was absolutely the most refreshing, invigorating, and wonderful thing that I have done in a long while. I look forward to the chance to do that again.