Well, it seems that I was not clear enough as I have had a couple of questions asked of me because things I have posted in the last couple of days.

Nothing has been done to harm me in the last while. What is going on, I think, is that something did happen to me 11 years ago that I have yet to fully deal with and don’t know how to deal with. Something did happen on Sunday or a series of things happened leading up to Sunday when I literally shut down for an afternoon. My friends of the present became manifestations of my friends of the past and are still hauntingly close to that in some part of my mind.

This isn’t because my friends actually have abandoned me in the here and now. I know full well that my friends are here for me. But there is a scar, or even a wound, which that knowledge cannot yet get past.

My friends are not the problem. They have not hurt me. Something bigger is going on.