Well, for the first time in a decade, I’m taking Accutane again. And hopefully for the last time as I don’t remember this being exactly a pleasant experience. But I’m sure it’s better than what my friend who is in chemo right now is going through, so I probably shouldn’t complain (neverminding that, despite many teenaged beliefs in this world, there is nothing life-threatening about acne, at least for me).

Still, I’m apprehensive. The last time I did this, the process was normal. This time, I couldn’t believe all the steps in place to prevent me from getting this stuff the wrong way. The forms to sign and the papers to prove I was prescribed, the sticker on the prescription for crying out loud. We’ve reached a point where a doctor’s signature isn’t good enough?

Further, judging from the label on the box, I’m to take 120mg a day. The last time I took 80mg at the most (started with 40mg) a day. When I was taking 40mg pills twice a day, I had to be careful not to take them within a certain, more than reasonable (close to ten hours) time period lest I tempt fate and gte nosebleeds at inopportune times. Though the one nosebleed I did get happened while I was playing Mortal Kombat on the SNES at home. I thought that was ironic, giving the bloodiness of that game for the time.

But, to give myself an outlet for nervousness and to have a better chronicle of things, I’ve created a new category for this. We’ll see how long this lasts.

I start tomorrow and I’m only going to take 40mg twice a day until I can call the doctor on Monday and get some kind of confirmation and reason or find out the pharmacy misunderstood. Tomorrow starts 5-6 months of treatment.

I hope this is the last I’ll have to deal with my teenage angst (particularly at age 25).