We got a new housemate this last weekend. What’s strange about this is that this housemate is a woman (which isn’t strange on it’s own, really, but this has always been a house of guys until now). What’s more strange is that this is the first time someone has moved into the house before the person they were taking the place of had left. So we now have four occupants of the house where there were three.

Now really, that shouldn’t be strange as we used to have four guys living here, but now it’s three guys and a girl.

So there is a time of transition happening here. This weekend is the wedding that will exit the housemate that is leaving. After that, things will hopefully calm down enough that the house that will be at that point will be able to figure out what it means to be a house.

Some backstory to that, we live in a somewhat intentional community here. That is to say, we are in each other’s lives. We aren’t just housemates, but are friends supporting one another as we travel in faith and life. So there is a need for the people living here to decide together how that may look, what it means to be of service to one another in specific ways (read “chores”), and any other ground rules that need to be set (such as how open the front door is to people we know and people we don’t).