Tonight, for the first time in nearly two years, I will be sleeping in my own room. While I’m looking forward to waking up to space entirely my own, I’m also feeling a little sad.

The guy I’m sharing a room with now is guy who was my roommate in college for three of four years and the two past years, for a grand total of five (and no, neither of us are gay, we’re just good friends and get along well). So it’s kind of the end of an era.

At the same time, having my own space to wake up in and pray or excercise without people being able to see and ask what I’m doing or have to be quiet so as to not disturb me is priceless. Also the fact that it will be my mess in my way, which I can handle better than the messes of others. My current roommate isn’t sloppy, but we’re both used to a state of clean clutter.

All that to say, I’m looking forward to having my own room tonight. I think it will be good for all, in the end.