I spent the better part of this weekend at a bachelor party for the most senior (as in, lived here longest) of my housemates. He’ll be married on the tenth. We have been moving him out of the house since the end of the party yesterday. That has been complicated by the fact that the has a herniated disk (disc?) in his back, so he can’t lift anything. Apparently, this has been completed regardless of the fact that there seems to be a fair amount of stuff still in the garage that doesn’t belong to myself or the remaining housemate of mine.

Tonight, though, with the soon-married one essentially out of the house, we began the task of evacuating the master bed room that will be taken by the woman moving in next Saturday. We have the entire week and not a huge amount of stuff to move. Unfortunately, that also means not a great deal of time to move things in given that we have things happening every single night until Friday (at which point we’ll most likely be taking in a movie for a break). But we have good friends who will help us out if we need it and we really don’t have all that much to move.

All in all, it will be a hectic week (even without the question of who will pay rent where that has not been answered quite yet). The next will be a lighter week ramping up the wedding itself (which there is little for us to do with anyway so far), so I’m looking forward to things calming down just a bit.

They say the two most stressful things you do in your life are move and get married. That passes on to those around the soon-to-be married people, not to mention all the moving of usually single people that happens around them.