This is on my mind today.

I’m not very good at expressing my emotions or telling people how I feel about them. It takes a lot for me to tell my family that I love them. It took a lot for me to tell my high school sweetheart that I loved her during that relationship. The fact that I could say it all to her, and mean it, was huge.

Now I’m surrounded by friends who are very dear to me in different ways. But I don’t know how to tell them that. Ever. I think I do good by showing it in my actions, but saying things to other people leaves me feeling uncomfortable and strange. More so with men, but it still applies to everyone.

The simple fact is that while there are people who are important to me, I have trouble caring from day to day. People are off and on my emotional radar all the time. Some are more active in the off and on movement than others. Those who aren’t as active are usually more off than on.

I’d like to be able to express my feelings a little better verbally. Or at least be more articulate, if not comfortable.