This last weekend has been pretty quick for me.

I went to a concert on Saturday night with my folks. That was a good time, though the music wasn’t exactly my style (it was Gospel). I enjoyed it, don’t get me wrong, but it also isn’t something I’d seek out. But I got to have dinner with my parents and an Aunt that I haven’t seen since Christmas, so that was time well spent.

I’ve been doing the other usual weekend activities (sleep, church, dinner with some friends) and all through that working hard on seperating my ideas from my sense of self as well as the HeartMath techniques. That’s doing a lot of good for me, but I’m still having difficulty with the fact that I don’t know who I am if not my ideas. Is this what they mean by finding one’s self?

Lastly, I watched Down with Love yesterday with Ewan McGregor and company. I can see where some would like this movie, but I found it simply strange. I was glad that a roommate owned it, so we didn’t have to pay anything but our time to watch it.