I have some relationships in my life that are fairly difficult for me. Mostly from the aspect that they don’t always go the way that I want them to. This isn’t unusual, but some people seem to be able to deal with this fairly easily. I’m one of those that don’t.

I get rather angry, or at least easily set off, when a friendship takes a turn I did not expect or think to be a good thing. I’m learning, though, about the emotions behind that anger and tomorrow at my weekly session, my doctor is going to be starting to work with me on how to identify those background emotions and do something about them.

I must say that I’m looking forward to getting there. There are one or two relationships in the past couple of weeks that have either not gone the direction I expected or I was reminded that they aren’t going the expected direction and might never go that route. Taking some time to figure out how that works and how to manage myself in the midst of that will be a good thing.