So I have my third appointment today. Last week was about learning about HeartMath. That was a very fruitful time for me.

I’ve been trying to practice the technique this last week, but with little success so far. I’m not discouraged, but I have things to talk about. Like the difficulty I’ve been having trying to find something to appreciate (one of the first steps) and continue appreciating it. Finding a place I can not only be alone but feel alone is probably key to this, but that has also proven difficult.

So we’ll see if my doctor has any suggestions or new spins on this technique to help me get a better hold on it. It sort of feels like riding a bike. It’s very strange at first and for an intents and purposes, it shouldn’t work. But eventually it will become easier to the point that much less thought needs to be given to it.

Been a while between posts lately. Life has been that busy for me. =)