My task this week is three-fold with regards to my therapy.

  1. Record my dreams
  2. Examine events that may trigger my more depressed periods
  3. Read an article about Self-Talk

I’ve had dreams every night since my first session, each radically different in scope and theme. Luckily, I’ve remembered them all well enough to record their events in remarkable detail every morning. Sometimes I’ll even have two a night that I remember clearly.

I’ve done some looking back both in my memory and on this site for events that trigger my periods of depression. That has been somewhat eye-opening, but really not that surprising at all. I’m looking forward to talking to the doctor about these.

The third task, the Self-Talk article, was probably the most enlightening, though. I’ve known for a long time that society pushes thoughts into our minds of how to value certain aspects of life. Most mainstream marketing is geared towards making you feel like something is missing from your life or that you aren’t good enough, but if you buy this product you’ll be what you should be. The best examples are probably the fitness center commercials. You never see anyone even remotely overweight in their facilities, yet the target audience are those who are overweight. That and they put as little and/or the tightest clothing as possible on everyone since sex really does sell.

To nutshell Self-Talk, it’s basically the things you say to yourself in your head about a given situation. For instance, after a job interview, self-talk could be, “That went really poorly, I wish I hadn’t asked those questions.” or “There’s no way I’ll get that job” or even, “That went perfectly! I have every reason to be proud of that.” Normally, you might not even realize you are doing this and the negative thoughts can, over time, be incredibly destructive.

So this week I’ve been trying to figure out what my self-talk is. What are the things I say to myself when I start to feel my mood shift into a more depressed state or when my day begins to turn bad. I think I’ve hit a good track with a couple of things that I’ll mention in this week’s session as well.

I’m excited to see where this leads, though it may be difficult to tell from my words here (it’s currently 50 degrees in my house, cold for SoCal, and typing isn’t that easy as a result).

My question, though, is what other people may think about this self-talk thing. Does anyone else have any experience with this? Do you think it’s crap?