cheeken.org is working out what to give up for Lent (starting on Wednesday). The current item on the table is the Internet. I wonder if he’ll keep blogging or if that will go, too.

As for me, I don’t know what I’d give up for Lent. By the simple nature that I’ll be starting counseling this next week, I may have a lot that I’ll be giving up that I don’t know I have. I do know that it probably won’t be easy.

If anyone has been keeping tabs on this site the last couple of weeks, it should be obvious that this is long overdue.

I got on a three-week waiting list about three weeks ago with a psychologist who came highly recommended. He’s also Christian, so he has some clue about where I might be coming from when I talk about the ways I think I’ve messed up in life. Or that I’ve been messed up.

That’s the thing I’m not sure how to work out quite yet. How much of how I am now is my fault and how much is simply how I came out of the various environments I’ve lived in for the last 26 years? I suppose it’s a good mix of both, but I tend to blame one or the other depending on what day of the week it is.

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