The time is coming (actually, it won’t be until July) when I will be participating in the 2004 Blogathon. Signups don’t seem to have started yet, which I am fairly disappointed by but only because I’m anxious to get things started.

I have a lot to plan, but one thing is certain. I’ll be blogging to raise some dough for the Mustard Seed Tutorial Center. It’s a low-cost place for kids to go and get some pretty great help with their studies. There are quite a number of Ph. D toting professors that tutor there, as well as brilliant people who just never got around to having their brilliance acronymed. Getting an hour a week with top minds in the area, and in some case the nation, for $5 an hour is pretty tight. Especially when you consider that there are students who fork over tens of thousands to take classes from them.

For the planning, I’m going to need to set up at least one new stylsheet for the Blogathon site I’ll be running. Also, last year the Blogathon people gave tips on press releases to local papers, so I’ll be submitting those to get the word out for folks to donate money and watch me tire myself out across 24 hours and 48 posts. Half of the posts will be related to Mustard Seed with pictures from the center and maybe some interviews, so I need to get cracking on that, too.

All that to say that I’m pretty darn excited about the whole adventure. The Mustard Seed Fundraising committee is pretty pumped, too. All the more motivation!