Some friends of mine and I watched Lost in Translation tonight. I had never seen it before and I must say that I quite enjoyed it, at least tonight. Though it isn’t the kind of movie that I would normally seek out. It’s rather minimalist, though not to the extreme that 2001 takes things, as far as dialogue goes. I appreciated having a film that broadened character interaction and development beyond speech.

I felt like this was a movie with characters that I could relate to. Both of the main characters are lost throughout the film. Either in relationships they don’t understand, a totally foreign culture, or within interactions with their own culture that don’t seem to apply to them in any way. It seemed to me that they both spent much of the film trying to reach out to the people they love but didn’t understand and having their loved ones not be able to communicate back. I can relate to that.

There are times I feel lost and drifting, trying to reach out but finding there’s no one to take hold of my hand and bring me back to solid ground.