Tonight I went to pick up a friend from the airport. On the way, I stopped by the mall to do some shopping that’s been put off far too long (socks are one of those things you just need to get every once in a while, even for guys like me who aren’t shoppers).

I hadn’t been in a real mall in a while and this particular mall in even longer. It sort of took my breath away just how many people were milling about, most of them probably high school or junior high age. And most of them were there simply to attract the opposite sex. And most of them seemed to be having some success.

I never did the mall trolling bit during high school. I wasn’t part of the crowd that did. Though my girlfriend at the time and I would go and walk around for no other purpose than to walk and people-watch. Still, I guess I don’t understand the culture of hooking up, be it at the mall or a bar or anywhere else. It seems like there is too much ritual for too little gain. Not to mention the fact that at least half of the species within America is taught one way or another that they have to market themselves to those they want to attract. Every other animal does something like this, so why not us?

It just seems that there should be a better way.