Today was a ever so slightly boring day. At least at work. And at least until the last fifteen minutes when I realized that I misread my calendar and had one more task to do. I got it done without trouble, but it was bit of a race. I kind of enjoyed ending the day on an energetic note, though. I love the frenetic atmosphere that can be generated by being barely one step ahead. I don’t like to operate like that every single hour of every single day, but it’s nice every now and then. I thrive in that mode.

I did some updates to the site this evening. Hopefully transparent, for the most part. The Archives links are now a select box so that it will never expand on the page. Most of the sidebar is generated with PHP includes to ease the updating. I hope to get the banner up top as a PHP include as well, but with the tagline being a random quote and with a separately random graphic. For now, I’m going to just get one graphic up top, though. Also, I thought a picture including me might be good here, so the About section will be replaced with that sooner or later. A link to a more robust About page will be coming after that.

Elsewhere in the plans for this place are a photoblog, a separate blog for the Mark Study I just started, and the upcoming Blogathon.