Yesterday was the first of what I hope will be an annual event for the Mustard Seed Tutorial Center, which a good friend of mine is the director of. They had a benefit wine-tasting at a local Redlands restaraunt (The Citrone, very nice). As a friend of the director, I got to dress up in my new suit with a new shirt and a pretty sharp tie and stand around making sure people who weren’t invited or didn’t pay didn’t show up. Also, since it’s a restaraunt, to make sure people knew to come back when the place actually opened. And then, when all was done, help set up the tables that had been moved to make room for people to mull about.

I also had some fantastic Chardonnay. I wish I had written down who made the wine as I have forgotten, but it knocked my socks off, to say the least.

Rich people are interesting. I don’t know what everyone talked about, but it was noisy. And people drank a good deal of wine and gave a good deal of money, it seems. It’s a class of society I am not a part of and probably never really will be. Still, I didn’t feel out of place, which may say a lot, depending on how you look at it.