It’s Thursday, and the fifteenth, which means many things. First, we have the Young Adults/Informal Worship time tonight at church. Always a good time.

Also, it’s Market Night at State Street in Redlands. I don’t always go, but it’s nice to walk around once in a while.

Thursday is also the church’s family dinner night. For $5, you can get a home cooked meal and spend time with anyone else who shows up and the Pastor does some teaching afterwards.

Lastly, it’s the 15th of the month, which means it’s time to start editing and formatting the church newsletter, The Tapestry. Since I’m the editor and on the music team for Informal Worship, that means I have something of a busy night ahead of me even though I probably will skip on dinner like I usually do.

In other news, a good friend currently attending UC Davis will be down for the weekend. Hopefully we’ll get to hang out a bit before she has to head back. Also, I’m working on a report for work involving SQL statements, something I know nothing about, and am finding that what works well on my machine doesn’t work well at all on the server. Issues to solve, gotta love them.

PS It’s a white sock day!