So a few weeks ago, a girl that I know and I went to Cabazon to do some shopping. This was mostly at my request as I have very little fashion taste and she has a knack for finding the deals. I think we both had a good time and it was sucessful as I was able to find pants and things that I needed for under $100 all said.

Tonight, another friend came over to the house and we got to talking about things with one of my housemates. We eventually hit on the topic that if I were going to want to make a really good first impression on a lady, I would take two or three of my friends who are of the female variety and whose taste I trust shopping and get a couple of new things to wear for this event. Upon relating that, I mentioned the day I talked about above. The friend who was visiting then mentioned that it was the role of a girlfriend to go shopping with the guy, at least when only one girl is going with the guy.

So I want to pose the question. Can a girl go shopping with a guy and not be his girlfriend or a very close friend?

I would have to say yes, mostly because that’s exactly how things have worked in my life. I’m 100% confident that this girl is not interested in me mostly because she has said as much. It may have been an awkward day, but nevertheless we are just friends and that is that.

Still, it’s good hear what others may say.