In three months, one of my housemates will be getting married and, as a direct result, moving out. This will leave another roommate and myself as the only two guys left in the house. Combined, we do not make enough money to pay for rent, which is kind of sad when I think about it too much since our rent isn’t much more than a small apartment.

So it comes down to finding another to move in, possibly two. The problem is that we’d really rather not do a full-on search throughout the world for a housemate. It would be much better to keep it to people we already know in some fashion and who have direct experience with what the house represents within the context of our church. Anything other than that can lead to conflicts that, while may be a normal part of living with people, I’d rather not choose into if we can avoid it.

We’re talking to folks in the group, but there is a noticeable shortage of single people of either gender. Within that group of singles, there aren’t many. We have a bit of luck that the roommate of our housemates fiancee will have to move out, so she might be able to move in. The simple trade is the best route for us at this time. However, if our rent goes up, we will need to find a fourth housemate and it will have to be a guy as there will be no other women who could move in left in our group. The situation is such that the allocating of rooms would be difficult, if not impossible, with three guys and one gal.

So there’s a bit of a headache going on here for me and I’m sure for my current housemate. We’ll have to see what happens next. We’re still talking to people and finding out what is possible and what is not, so there isn’t too much cause for concern or worry. It’s just easier to not have to think about it.