This is a comment I posted to the second abortion counter post at The Conjecturer. Posted here since I can’t do a Track Back.

I can’t say if it would make a difference, at least in the numbers. That’s part of why I ask. But an abortion to save a life is an interesting question. I can’t say where I stand on abortion in general, let alone a more specific case such as that. That’s mostly due to the fact that I’ve never encountered abortion “in general.” Only in the people I have known who have been touched by it in some way.

I guess it’s difficult for me to look at a statistic and see good or evil in it for that very reason. I think this may be more than you may have intended so far and it is not my intention to get in the way of your current efforts to get information out. (If this is a discussion you’d rather hold off on for a later time, let me know.) Nevertheless, I haven’t seen good and evil act in such general ways, it’s almost always seen in the one person killing thousands upon thousands, either directly or through leadership, or one creative person using their resources to heal many in the same ways.

Is abortion itself evil? Abortion is a thing. Can a thing be evil? I don’t know, maybe it can. Most things I see can be used either way, for good or evil, depending on the person. So I’d want to try and answer whether or not abortion falls into that category first myself and then answer the questions that would follow depending on the answer to that. But that may beyond the scope of what you’re trying to do here this week.

Regardless, I’m fascinated to see where you take this topic. Particularly as you have started it so well.