Enough people have responded to this entry that I feel the need to post again about this topic.

In that particular article, something had happened in my life that rocked an otherwise stable and reliable facet of my existance. Nothing so large as my faith, but a relationship with someone else. And it hurt. Badly. Now, almost two months later, that relationship is back on course and even growing well. In retrospect, even while I was in the midst of that situation, I realize that most of my pain was born out of my own issues with others. I have a distinct problem in trusting people for various reasons. In that case, when the friendship I thought was there turned out to be very different from reality, at least for a while, it screwed me up good.

Now, to those who have commented one way or another on the article linked to above, I can’t really speak into your situations well not knowing exactly what they are. I can say that healing is a reality. Time brings it as well as showing love and care for others and reaching out with a healing touch as best as we are able. We humans are remarkable at healing others, particularly because we do so best when we have wounds of our own. It helps us to know that our burdens are not ours to bear alone.

Also, Aundrea and stellari, find someone you trust to talk to about what’s going on. A friend, a counselor, whoever. There is always hope, even when bad thing happen to good people. Despair is for those who know exactly what the future holds and the outcome is not in any way good. None of us can claim to know that outcome. Have hope knowing that you don’t know what will happen.

Prayers are with you both.