Last night was the second, possibly to become annual, Block Party that the company I work for threw for us employees. It’s really great, tons of food, games for everyone ranging from giant, bounce-house style slides to rock climbing to human foosball, a better than decent band, and a raffle for gift certificates to places around town to two anywhere-in-the-US plane tickets. And all of it is free to employees, one guest, and kids if they have them.

I got to spend time with co-workers that also attend my church and my guest was the girl who we can, instead of calling her my would-be girlfriend, she’s the won’t be girlfriend. That, at least, she has made clear in no uncertain terms. Not that it stops her or I from doing things that aren’t so certain in each other’s eyes. It wouldn’t be at all fun if it wasn’t confusing.

Regardless, I had a great time. Raced John in a bungee cord game. You get strapped in with a bungee cord connecting you to the back of the lane. The object, of course, is to run as far as you can, slam a marker down on the velcro-lined center divider, and then try to snap back to the start with as much grace as can be afforded. John I did fairly well, marked at 26 feet each at the longest in our three tries (32 being the end of the lane). And our respective guests both enjoyed watching us get snapped back.

All in all, a good time was had by all. The evening ended with my guest and I retiring to the house for a viewing of the classic film, “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure” and then some hang out time before she went home to crash. How can you go wrong there?