So the recall is moving ahead on October 7 and Bush is still yelling at the rain in front of the UN. What else will happen in the next week?

What bugs me about Bush is that there seems to be a complete lack of humility. The fact is that we don’t have all the answers on how to proceed in Iraq. A US-led reconstruction isn’t a good idea when there can be a multi-national, UN-led effort in it’s place. Nevermind the fact that we’d probably have much better support from other nations if that route was taken.

But this speech will likely do nothing but help the Bush regime in America. Bush’s approval rating may get a boost from this, but this is political cash in the bank that others can now use to rouse up a “patriotic” group in America that will then move to re-elect Bush. What “American” isn’t going to love anyone who talks down to France for opposing us in the UN?

As for the recall, I don’t know what to say. I will probably vote in favor of the recall as I don’t think Davis has done very smart things, at least in regards to keeping his current job. Arnold doesn’t have my vote either. I saw the last few seconds of an ad of his last night that made it sound like he was denouncing Indian gaming, that we should keep our money. Well Arnold, they should keep their land. Statements like that are horribly destructive to any process of healing between races and the last thing I want is to knowingly support is something that will do just that.

So who has my vote? I don’t know, my favorites dropped from the race so Arnold could run more of the Republican show (even though I tend to vote Democrat). None of the Democrats are appealing, but a Democrat governor will hurt Bush a bit in this state next November, so that’s tempting. We’ll see on 10/7.