Well, the past couple of days have been busy, to say the least. I’ve created a number of projects at work that are now sucking my time away from me, but in a good way. I’m having lunch tomorrow with a good friend of mine, who happens to be absolutely gorgeous, so my ego will likely get a boost. Plus, we’re going to dinner next week to celebrate her birthday and watch the premiere of West Wing together. Really, can it get better than that?

Well, yeah, I guess I could be dating or married to a good friend who happens to be gorgeous, but I take what I can get. Yes, I’ve been feeling a tad lonely in that respect lately, but that comes and goes.

Tonight, though, is the weekly Informal Worship time at church. A good time is usually had by all and I’m looking forward to the time spent there today more so than usual. Some days I really just don’t want to go, but I have duties there for the music, and it’s good for me to be there. If nothing else, it keeps me grounded.

So, there you have it.