I’ve been busy for the last 90 minutes figuring out some CSS code and getting MovableType to work less as a blogging tool and more as a full-fledge Content Management System. It would probably be a bit easier with a good ColdFusion set up, but we don’t have that luxury. The Web site in question is for my church and it needs to be something easily updated or else it will become my full-time, unpaid job with requests to update this or that every day or week.

Someone read my entry in August called heartache and now they comment that they want to die. I comment back that it’s my life their reading about, not theirs. Whatever is happening in theirs, they are free to comment on here or they can visit So There and do some venting as well. But please, don’t find a desire to die from my life, unless of course you’re incredibly bored or feeling a deep need to be sarcastic (both very likely). If that be the case, feel free. You’re dealing with one hell of a smartass here; I can take it.