The human heart (as in the emotional capacity) is such an interesting thing. One little event can crumble what would otherwise have been an feeling larger than the universe. And then another small thought can rebuild it to something even larger. Whatever the means, from chemical processes to deeply spiritual beliefs to the randomness of emotional anarchy that we are capable of, there is really very little inherent strength in what we feel.

This has been particularly striking to me today. Something happened last night that deeply challenged the reality of my day to day life that I haven’t quite fully recovered from. But something else happened this morning that has begun to process of rebuilding that reality into something new. I won’t go into much detail for sake of anonimity of those involved and also since this isn’t a place for information that personal.

Regardless, I am amazed at how little it takes to destroy what is otherwise something I can think to be strong and then rebuild that which seems to be destroyed beyond repair.